Westfield Health opens new Active Space in Sheffield

MAC Construction Consultants provides specialist assistance on project

Health and wellbeing provider Westfield Health has expanded its offering in Sheffield with the opening of a new staff gym facility – an Active Space – on the lower floor of its Charter Row Headquarters building.

The provision of the state-of-the-art facility was overseen by leading construction consultants MAC.

The opening follows the formation of a strategic partnership, the first of its kind in the UK health and wellbeing industry, between Westfield Health and EXOS – a US-based human performance company.

MAC Construction Consultants successfully managed the fit-out of the gym and associated facilities and ensured that Westfield Health’s high-quality standards were maintained.

Dave Capper, CEO of Westfield Health, said: “The Active Space provides our people with accessible, high-quality opportunities to get active.

“We know that the health impacts of a sedentary lifestyle are too significant to ignore, and it’s time companies of all sizes play their part in keeping the nation moving”.

Barry Smith, Director of Building Consultancy and Project Services at MAC Construction Consultants who oversaw the construction and fit-out of the new facility commented: “I find it really rewarding to work on projects which provide something which is missing from the market.

“This new facility will help Westfield Health in their ambitions to remain at the forefront of innovations within the healthcare arena and continue to be one of the leading wellbeing providers within the UK.”

MAC Steeldogs 1

MAC Construction Consultants supports Sheffield Steeldogs for third year

MAC Construction Consultants has committed to support local ice hockey team, the Bradfield Brewery Sheffield Steeldogs, for a third year running.

With the signing of Czech import player Vladimir Luka, the firm is now his player sponsor for the NIHL National Division Season and he is currently the top scorer for the Steeldogs.

The Sheffield Steeldogs are a semi-professional ice-hockey team who are based at the iconic IceSheffield venue in the Lower Don Valley and play in the National Ice Hockey League.

The team work closely with Sheffield Steelers in support of the Sheffield Ice Hockey Academy which gives young people the opportunity to join a team, giving them a prospect of progressing into the National Ice Hockey League Division 2.

Barry Smith commented: “At MAC we believe it is important to give back to the community and that is why we are proud to sponsor the Sheffield Steeldogs for another year.

“The team are a great asset to the city and provide many young people with opportunities and aspirations to get involved in a less conventional sport than say, football or rugby.”

M010 Associate Director Appointment

MAC Construction Consultants expands team with senior appointment

Leading construction consultants MAC has announced the expansion of its senior management team with the appointment of Associate Director Deb Kilvington who will join the firms Safety, Health & Environment department (SHE).

Bringing with her more than 30 years of experience of working in the Safety, Health & Environment, as well as the Leadership and Business Management arena in several sectors  – including housing, leisure & tourism, data security, health, education, transport, infrastructure and specialised local authority – Deb will form part of the company’s strategic division helping develop its current offering to clients and move into new and exciting areas of consulting.

Deb joins the team bringing ten years of experience as a consultation specialist, which has seen a consolidation of her extensive skill set.

Based in London, her role will enable MAC to build on the firm’s wider national portfolio, generating and maintaining MAC’s companywide health & safety and CDM development plan.

Commenting on the appointment, Richard Dryden, Director of SHE at MAC said: “2019 was a really successful year for MAC with us working on a number of significant Safety, Health & Environment and CDM projects across the UK including the ambitious Northgate House development in Halifax, the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and a number of projects in Ancoats for Manchester Life Development company.

“I’m really pleased to welcome Deb to the team, her extensive experience, qualifications and knowledge will help us further develop our business development plan in ensuring our clients are fully aware of the wide range of services of which we can offer.”

Deb said: “The role with MAC represents a new and exciting challenge for me, and I am looking forward to joining this vibrant organisation and working collaboratively to bring a new perspective that will help to drive forward a culture of continuous improvement.”

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MAC Construction Consultants appointed on £130m University of York residencies

MAC Construction Consultants have been appointed by GRAHAM – a building, engineering and facilities management specialist – to provide Disability, Access & Equality Consultancy services on the University of York Campus East Residencies.

The firm has joined the construction team to ensure that the University can provide a leading UK standard residential property which is accessible and inclusive to all.

The 1,480-bed will have outstanding amenities, providing generous space centres, fluid access to wheelchair users, suitable sanitary provision and features that will aid people with visual, hearing and cognitive difficulties in navigating the building.

The project, located on the west side of the University’s Campus East, will provide better connections between Campus East and West, playing a role in the University’s ‘Campus Masterplan’ – a framework that outlines how it will develop its ‘campus for the future’.

Preparatory works have now begun on site and construction on the project is expected to complete in 2022.

Neil McFarlane, Strategic Projects Director at GRAHAM commented: “Our ongoing work with MAC Construction Consultants means that we can provide the best possible services to the University of York, helping ensure the residencies are accessible to everyone in the University’s student community.

“There has been a lot of focus on ensuring that the construction activities are carefully managed to ensure that as little disruption to campus life is made.”

Richard Dryden, National Lead for Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) and Project Services at MAC commented: “By being involved with this project in the early stages we have been able to work with the university to be able to design the space to respond to the needs of a wide range of people meaning we can really fly the flag for truly amazing disability, access and equality type spaces.”

ihasco logo

How we use iHASCO eLearning to keep our team safe

Being based in multiple offices across the UK can often make it a nuisance to coordinate Health & Safety training with other sites – especially when a training provider doesn’t have a simple set-up process.

Health & Safety is a subject that must be taken very seriously and that’s why we ensure that our staff stay fully engaged with their training so that they have an understanding of best practices.

How-Mac-Consulting-Ltd-use-iHASCO-eLearning-to-keep-their-team-safeIn order to keep our staff aware of their responsibilities, all of our new staff complete a Health & Safety classroom course during their induction. We also have a Health & Safety committee that meets quarterly to discuss our current arrangements. This, along with our eLearning platform, helps to keep our workplace safe and our staff productive.

Here at MAC Construction Consultants, we’ve been using ​iHASCO​, a market-leading provider of Health & Safety and HR Compliance eLearning, for around 3 months now, as an integral part of our Health & Safety strategy.

iHASCO supply engaging video-based eLearning that is easy for our team to engage with and offers information in easily-digestible bitesize chunks.

We use a range of iHASCO’s Health & Safety courses including ​Asbestos Awareness Training​, ​Fire Awareness Training​, and ​Display Screen Equipment Training​. Ultimately, these courses help us to identify & reduce risks in the workplace.

“iHASCO has helped us to easily manage our mandatory training and compliance needs for our growing team of construction management specialists and feedback from staff has been positive to date!”

– Jonathan Jones, Associate Director at MAC Construction Consultants

We also take our employees wellbeing just as seriously as any other Health & Safety issue. For this reason, we are introducing our Employee Assistance Programme, which will offer help and professional advice on various life issues such as stress, debt management, divorce, addiction, and any family issues.

In conclusion, we believe that all of these investments in our workforce ultimately make for a safer, more productive workplace!

M008 BBG Academy

Building work completes on £2.5m Academy extension

MAC Construction Consultants help Yorkshire School expand its footprint

Building work on an ambitious, £2.5m extension to Birkenshaw’s BBG Academy has completed – allowing the secondary school to improve its teaching facilities to better meet the needs of the local community.

In a build project managed by leading construction consultancy MAC, the new facilities include 12 new classrooms for a range of subjects, an extended dining area, changing facilities and additional external areas which will provide improved conditions and an overall increased capacity for students.

Specialist Education Construction Consultants MAC worked closely with the Trust to help them secure funding from the Education and Skills Funding Agency for the project and to oversee its construction in a cost-effective and quick timeframe.

The firm were appointed as contract administrators, quantity surveyors and principal construction design managers.

Alex Laycock, Director at MAC commented: “This has been a hugely successful project and we are delighted to have been able to support Rodillian and the team at BBG to deliver on its ambitions of expansion and improvement within the restraints of its budget.

“In addition to this, the scheme was delivered by a former pupil of the school, Jack Crabtree, who provided Project Management from inception to completion.

“We have a very effective UK supply chain to ensure that projects can be delivered quickly and cost effectively benefitting our public sector clients -and on this occasion, that led to significant cost savings.”

IHEEM Manchester

MAC Construction Consultants at the forefront of discussions on how to revolutionise NHS patient experience

Leading healthcare and public sector construction commentators from across the country came together at this year’s IHEEM Healthcare Estates 2019 to address key topics affecting the industry including poor-quality estates and patient experience in the NHS.

Taking place at Manchester Central in October, more than 4,500 people and 250 companies exhibited at the event, with keynote speakers including the Chief Executive of the Engineering Council and the Director and Head of Profession NHS Estates and Facilities.

MAC Director Paul Holt was invited to present a strategic insight into the world of construction, focussing this on key themes of the conference including clinical space, construction, efficiency, funding, patient experience and regeneration.

A crucial subject covered in this presentation was the emerging conversation on the development of a Wellbeing Village, and how this may provide alternative funding and help to support the process of structurally reforming the NHS’s physical estate.

He said: “The IHEEM Healthcare Estates 2019 was an excellent conference; attended by a broad church of NHS engineering and constructional professionals complemented by international representatives from across the world.

“Throughout the event it became increasingly evident that there is a collective desire to adopt a cohesive approach to solving key issues such as ‘bed blocking’, which is a significant step in the right direction.”

Paul added: “As a business specialising within this arena we are working with several public and private sector clients in their development and interpretation of ‘One Public Estate’ – be that through the lens of the NHS and their need to reduce cost, or a University as market leaders in innovative research.

“From the perspective of a council, the Wellbeing Places model set out in the Wellbeing Village in Cumbria, is gaining traction as a new investment model that brings together the disparate public sector parties into a unified partnership.

“In doing so, we would be helping local economies in their ongoing drive to meet both stringent budget challenges and ongoing investment into their community, promoting health and wellbeing.

“During the event, there was a real sense of excitement about recent investment announcements in support of the NHS. The audience engaged with the clear pathway I presented which outlined how we connect ‘the person’ and their specific needs, promoting preventative health outcomes through purpose built fully compliant accommodation.

“This same method of accommodation provision will help the NHS deliver the Naylor principles, helping solve the common problems associated with ‘bed blocking’ in the NHS and a lack of good quality key worker accommodation. Critically this accommodation forms part of a wider solution to ensure we build a cohesive social intergenerational community”

Paul further emphasised that NHS colleagues should be excited as the Wellbeing Model invites partnership without the standard commercial expectation of signing long term contracts – a true ‘Win-Win’ for both the public and private sector partners.

He concluded: “Through our work as Project Directors on the £100m Wellbeing Village in the North West, we can offer real time demonstration of long-term partnerships with Wellbeing Places.

“We are both excited and committed to exploring and developing partnerships between private and public sector organisations, and ultimately contribute to the wider social economy.”


MAC Construction Consultants join Lord Carter in discussions over the NHS

Specialists MAC Construction Consultants proudly sponsored the IHEEM Parliamentary Event 2019, which included a parliamentary lunch and seminar that focused on the future of the NHS’s approach to its facilities, and a parliamentary lunch.

Hosted at Westminster’s Broadway House the seminar, titled: NHS Engineering & Estates: A Vision to 2030, focused on the skills gaps, technology, infrastructure, artificial intelligence, sustainability, innovative solutions and climate change, and how investment and joint working with other professional organisations can aid future improvements.

Keynote speakers included Sir Robert Naylor, EX-CEO Executive of University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; Deborah Pullen MBE, Building Research Establishment Trust; and David Frise CEO of the Building Engineering Services Association.

Over lunch business representatives, including Yusoff Ghaznavi, Piers Hunter and Paul Holt from MAC Construction Consultants, built on the mornings discussion and provided their insights into key matters such as the growing pressure of backlog of maintenance on existing buildings and the lack of estate utilisation within the NHS.

Lord Carter was also in attendance to award The Lord Carter Innovation Award to Northern Irish NHS Trust South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust for its efforts to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and increase its use of renewables through ‘an innovative multidisciplinary approach across the mediums of software, hardware, plant, design, contract analysis and training’.

QE Facilities Limited (QEF), established in 2014 as part of the Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust was also awarded a Highly Commended certificate following its achievements in reducing staff sickness, increasing efficiency, refining space utilisation and reducing its carbon footprint.

Yusoff Ghaznavi said: “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to sponsor the IHEEM seminar which proved very valuable in providing great insights into what visions leading industry experts have in revolutionising the way the NHS can approach it’s engineering and estates portfolio over the next decade.

“We are excited to be playing a pivotal role in continuing to challenge our current methods of working in order to move our industry forward.”

Piers Hunter added: “This was a very interesting and informative event for the MAC team members who attended – including those of us operating out of London, and others from our wider network of offices.

“We were able to connect with a number of key professionals throughout the day who I hope we will have the opportunity to work with going forward as part of our ongoing efforts to embrace and continuously develop modern methods of construction.”

M002 The Silverstone Experience

The Silverstone Experience £20m Visitor Attraction Opens to the Public

MAC successfully completes Britain’s biggest new attraction in Northamptonshire

The Silverstone Experience, a new British motor sport visitor attraction has opened in Silverstone, Northamptonshire.

The £20m facility will be a new hub for motor sport fans serving as a home for the British Racing Drivers’ Club Archive, displaying historic artefacts and collections that will help tell the story of the sport.

Silverstone Heritage Ltd have spent seven years developing the site, which was a former WWII RAF Hangar, through the support of The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

They expect the state-of-the-art facility will be visited by more than 400,000 visitors annually.

The creation of The Silverstone Experience saw the original hangar frame retained & reinforced and the introduction of an independent mezzanine floor & extension building before full re-cladding and re-roofing of the building.

MAC Construction Consultants were appointed to oversee the construction of the museum which includes education, office, retail and a café space.

A key part of the brief was to manage changes in key contracts throughout the project, which was done well, keeping disruption throughout the construction period to a minimum.

CEO Sally Reynolds said: “I’m incredibly proud. It’s been a seven-year project and to finally see it opening is just fantastic.”

She added: “We want to inspire the next generation of engineers and people to work in motorsport. What better way than to show them a world-beating car or motorbike.”

Piers Hunter, Director at MAC Construction Consultants commented: “This is such an incredible facility that can be enjoyed by many people nationwide and is a real asset to Northamptonshire.

“I’m incredibly pleased to see the doors open to The Silverstone Experience, which has been a complex project with huge difficulties along the way. Well done to our Cost & Project Management team for successfully establishing a new principal contractor in under five days and for working hard to re-appointing the full, 35-company strong supply-chain shortly after.”

M001 Imporvements to Scarborough School Facilities

Building work underway to improve Scarborough academy facilities

Specialist education construction consultancy MAC to deliver £3.5m project

Building work on Scarborough’s Graham and George Pindar School is now underway as part of a series of targeted projects, with a £3.5m budget that will improve facilities and better meet the needs of students.

Facilitating ‘significant’ improvements at both sites, funding for the project has been secured from the Department for Education through the Strategic School Improvement Capital Budget.

Leading education construction specialists MAC Consultants have been instructed to design, procure and deliver the 6 packages of work on site.

These works will address several issues at both of the school sites and look to create the most positive impact with the least disruption, lasting a total of nine months including block replacement works, mechanical and electrical upgrades and replacement of windows and roofs.

The works are part of the incorporation of the two schools into the York based HOPE Learning Trust who has been working with the schools since early 2018.

HOPE Learning Trust appointed MAC Construction Consultants to act as the main project lead for the Department for Education ensuring that the works are completed to the requirements of the DfE and within the funding agreement.

Project Manager and Senior Building Surveyor Nathan Hughes from MAC said: “The works have already made a vast improvement to the external fabric of the building and have dramatically increased the levels of daylighting in many areas.

“We are well on the way to completing the goal of bringing the buildings back into good repair and making a substantial and sustained step forward to make serious improvements to these schools.

“We anticipate that work will be completed within a nine-month time frame, meeting the needs of the schools, being in line with the vision of HOPE Learning Trust and to the exact funding requirements of the Department for Education.”