MAC Construction Consultants join Lord Carter in discussions over the NHS

Specialists MAC Construction Consultants proudly sponsored the IHEEM Parliamentary Event 2019, which included a parliamentary lunch and seminar that focused on the future of the NHS’s approach to its facilities, and a parliamentary lunch.

Hosted at Westminster’s Broadway House the seminar, titled: NHS Engineering & Estates: A Vision to 2030, focused on the skills gaps, technology, infrastructure, artificial intelligence, sustainability, innovative solutions and climate change, and how investment and joint working with other professional organisations can aid future improvements.

Keynote speakers included Sir Robert Naylor, EX-CEO Executive of University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; Deborah Pullen MBE, Building Research Establishment Trust; and David Frise CEO of the Building Engineering Services Association.

Over lunch business representatives, including Yusoff Ghaznavi, Piers Hunter and Paul Holt from MAC Construction Consultants, built on the mornings discussion and provided their insights into key matters such as the growing pressure of backlog of maintenance on existing buildings and the lack of estate utilisation within the NHS.

Lord Carter was also in attendance to award The Lord Carter Innovation Award to Northern Irish NHS Trust South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust for its efforts to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and increase its use of renewables through ‘an innovative multidisciplinary approach across the mediums of software, hardware, plant, design, contract analysis and training’.

QE Facilities Limited (QEF), established in 2014 as part of the Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust was also awarded a Highly Commended certificate following its achievements in reducing staff sickness, increasing efficiency, refining space utilisation and reducing its carbon footprint.

Yusoff Ghaznavi said: “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to sponsor the IHEEM seminar which proved very valuable in providing great insights into what visions leading industry experts have in revolutionising the way the NHS can approach it’s engineering and estates portfolio over the next decade.

“We are excited to be playing a pivotal role in continuing to challenge our current methods of working in order to move our industry forward.”

Piers Hunter added: “This was a very interesting and informative event for the MAC team members who attended – including those of us operating out of London, and others from our wider network of offices.

“We were able to connect with a number of key professionals throughout the day who I hope we will have the opportunity to work with going forward as part of our ongoing efforts to embrace and continuously develop modern methods of construction.”

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