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MAC strengthens strategic partnership with University of Huddersfield on Estonia conference trip

Health and Public Sector Director speaks at The XI Modern Construction Conference 2019

Representatives from construction consultancy MAC were amongst a group of leading Professionals and academics to attend this year’s The XI Modern Construction Conference in Tallinn Estonia to share views on ‘The New Age in Construction Industrialisation’.

The conference was held in collaboration between the Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University of Applied Sciences and Estonian Woodhouse Association, attracting more than 120 people from across Europe. The conference agenda covered key industry topics including design for manufacture and assembly (DfMa), mass customisation, modularisation, cyber security, modulated timber construction and tolerance management.

Working in partnership MAC’s Director of Health and Public Sector Paul Holt travelled with the University of Huddersfield’s Professor Mike Kagioglou and Dr Saeed Talebi – the Dean of School of Art, Design and Architecture, and, Lecturer and Departmental Lead.

Together, the trio delivered a series of compelling presentations on transforming construction and providing a platform approach to DfMA and mass customisation.

Commenting on the event Paul said: “This year’s conference has been an exceptional experience and I leave it feeling extremely positive about how we can all work together for the future of providing well needed solutions for the industry, with a focus on public sector clients such as the NHS.

“As the UK government plans to invest over £600bn into the public sector over the next 10 years, we should, in the construction industry, be looking to transform and adopt mass customisation and platform design; events such as this are fundamental to ensuring that this can happen!”

MAC Construction Consultants are part of a strategic partnership with the University of Huddersfield – working together to develop standardisation in off-site construction with a focus on developing solutions to streamline the provision of primary care facilities in the NHS.

Mike Kagioglou added: “This year’s event has been more successful than ever, and the topics discussed are at the top of our research agenda.

“It has provided us with an opportunity to really championing our Transforming Construction Taskforce, which is a collaborative platform for researchers and industry professionals, and to invite those to our Transformation workshop taking place in January.”

For further information regarding the collaboration between MAC and the University of Huddersfield, please click here.


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