MAC Attend Place North West 'Meet the Authority' event

As one of the first ‘live’ events that we have been able to participate in since the start of the pandemic, it was great to have the opportunity to meet with other construction industry leaders to discuss some of the key topics of the day.

We listened to a broad range of speakers and discussion panels offering an oversight into the complexities of delivering regeneration through public-private partnerships.

Using a broad range of emerging business examples we heard of the reoccurring theme of an absolute need to prepare, engage and present watertight business plans, the challenge of incorporating, heritage-led regeneration and adoption of social value principles as part of the long term benefit outcomes

Our Response to the Conversation

Richard Bellis, Director Lead for the Manchester Office identified with creating Knowledge Quarters as mixed-use accommodation. At MAC, we bring together a group of disparate public sector partners offering them a focussed outcome to develop holistic, meaningful people focussed projects that meets, and is pertinent to, both the social and economic local plan requirements.

We are proud to deliver this through an eclectic mix of private sector investor/ developer partners seeking to socialise redundant health, town and city centres – our principle value being that we put PEOPLE at the heart of everything we do.

Developing the conversation, Paul Holt, Director for Health and Public sector, added that we deliver our proposals under the Health and Wellbeing agenda; encouraging active travel such as walking and cycling, within exceptional public realm.

Our accommodation strategies seek to maximise the finite space made available by the public sector, and we seek to create accommodation that meets the needs of the local economy – often based around a range of starter and affordable homes.

We actively target key workers and/or students, supplemented by accommodation that allows families to expand and grow into new homes within their community. We also supplement the housing partnerships, by introducing key components as required including Primary Care, Extra Care/Step up/down accommodation, and provision of new affordable leisure facilities  

Providing further insight into the firm’s approach, MAC’s Managing Director, Yusoff Ghaznavi, said it was important to recognise the strategic growth in the repurposing of the public sector estate - whether that be health, reduced retail demand, redundant car parks (as we decarbonise city and town centres) or alternative use of old office accommodation.

As construction consultants, the MAC expertise cover a broad range of public and private sector partnerships and construction project delivery. The team address both short term need whilst maintaining a strategic eye on the opportunity to bring Clients together to increase and improve the shared return on investment.

Critical to our success is having the right balance between a team that can expertly deliver projects and colleagues who have strategic experience of working with the public sector.