MAC Director appointed as Disability Sport Yorkshire Trustee

MAC Construction Consultant’s Director of Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Richard Dryden, has joined Disability Sport Yorkshire’s (DSY) Board of Trustees.

Founded in 1993, DSY is a charity that seeks to address the inequality of access to sport for disabled people across the Yorkshire region.

By 2022 DSY aims to make Yorkshire the best place in England for disabled people to improve their health through physical activity, play sport on a regular basis and become a sporting champion.

As a Trustee, Richard is an active member of DSY, providing independent advice to its team, allowing the organisation to achieve its goals and help it embrace innovative and efficient management techniques.

DSY is a non-for-profit organisation which depends on donations and grants.

Kevan Halliday-Brown, Chief Executive of DSY said: “We are delighted to have Richard join our Board of Trustees.

“When selecting our members, we look for inspirational leaders who are committed to championing equality and diversity, have the right skills set to help us to identify the resources needed to make a difference and ultimately maintain Yorkshire as the leading region for disability sport.”

Richard Dryden commented: “It’s fantastic to be able to give back to the local community in a meaningful way and in my role as Trustee I hope I can help shape the charity’s objectives and build on their fantastic work to date.

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